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Everyone goes through new starts in life, us included. From starting a family to starting a new hobby, to starting a new career to building your forever home, it can be overwhelming. So we asked ourselves: How could we make life just a little bit easier?

And so, YORI was born. It was inspired by what was right in front of us: the place we go to relax after a long day, spend time with our family (human or fur), and just have some fun. Our home.

Long story short, we designed flatpack home furniture. The type of furniture that could easily transform a space into a home. The type of furniture that would be with you through all of you life’s pursuits. After all, it’s our pursuits that make life fun.

So say goodbye to the days of expensive and month-long furniture shopping headaches, and say hello to YORI: the furniture that helps you make the most out of life, by making the most out of your space.

Making Life Easier for the Self-Starters

We know we’re not the first flatpack furniture company out there. We knew to stand out, we had to encompass the idea of “making life easier” in each YORI piece we designed. That’s why we defined ourselves with these three pillars: Easy to Love, Easy to Build, and Easy to Own.

YORI flatpack furniture shelving unit with cat mascot
We think furniture should be made to fit you. That means not only should it have style, but it has to function. And that’s exactly what you’ll find with YORI furniture: timeless aesthetics combined with thoughtfully designed features. We want our pieces to give you that sense of comfort whenever you come home from a long day.
A couple and their dog sitting on the floor with a YORI coffee table and shelving unit in the background
YORI cat mascot standing with its arms crossed
We wanted YORI pieces to be as easy to assemble as turning the lid off a jar. That meant designing flatpack furniture with easy to follow guides and all the tools you need included in the box. But beyond that, we knew our pieces had to grow with you. So, we designed them to be easy to add on to as you expand and easy to take apart and take with you on your new start.
A woman assembling a piece of YORI furniture inside her living room
YORI cat mascot wearing a construction hat and holding a wrench
We believe quality furniture should be accessible. That meant researching the best materials that would stand the test of time without breaking the bank. It also meant making sure our final products would reach our customers. That’s why you’ll find our YORI pieces made from durable materials at affordable prices and available nationwide.
A woman typing on her laptop using the YORI takara desk in her home office
YORI cat mascot with a thumbs up

How to get YORI in your Home



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Sign Up & Shop

Order through our website or log in and sign up for a ShopSM account at ShopSM.com.


YORI shop in SM store flatpack furniture philippines

Shop In Store

YORI is available in SM Department Stores nationwide. Scroll down for a complete and updated list.


YORI call to order flatpack furniture philippines


Place your orders via SM’s Call To Deliver hotline. Call #143SM (#14376) daily from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Find YORI Near You


Making Furniture Shopping Easy

Shipping Nationwide

No matter where you are, you’ll have access to our functional and hobby-friendly furniture nationwide.

Quality Guaranteed

All YORI pieces are built to last. But if on the off chance there’s an issue with your item, our warranty program guarantees a replacement.

YORI Family

We’re a team who truly care about you by helping you pursue your hobbies and dreams. That’s why we strive to build genuine connections that deliver ease no matter your pursuits or goals.


What are YORI products made out of?

To find that perfect balance between durability and affordability we focus on using steel and wooden particle boards for most of our YORI furniture. But don’t worry, we list all the materials used for each of our products in their respective product pages! If you have any concerns about YORI furniture, please reach out to us at family@yori.ph 

How do I assemble YORI furniture?

We made sure all our pieces are something you can assemble by yourself. Each YORI piece comes with an easy to follow assembly guide and all the tools you’ll need included in the box. If you’ve misplaced your guide, you may also find it on its respective product page on YORI.ph. 

How do I properly take care of my YORI items?

All YORI items are designed to be low maintenance. Just like everything we love, giving them some TLC will make them last longer. We recommend regularly cleaning your YORI pieces, avoid using pieces they weren’t designed for, and try to avoid overloading pieces (fun fact: most YORI items can hold up to 10KG). 

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